design portfolio


Eolo A&I Design

What: Award-winning luxury architecture and interior design firm serving clients in South Florida, Latin America & beyond.
Services: Communications (email marketing, social media, professional correspondence); graphic design
Status: 2014-present
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Guitars Over Guns

What: Iconic Miami nonprofit serving youth from disadvantaged backgrounds through music education and mentorship.
Services: Full communications suite; graphic design; events & advancement
Status: 2014-present
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Transit Alliance Miami

What: Using data-driven advocacy to improve Miami-Dade public transit and hold lawmakers accountable.
Services: Social media content & strategy; graphic design
Status: 2018 (completed)
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Radical Partners

What: Investing in South Florida’s grassroots leaders for a sustainable, resilient future.
Services: Social media content & strategy; graphic design
Status: 2019-present
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Catalyst Miami

What: A matched savings program that helps Miami-Dade families prepare for hurricanes and other disasters.
Services: Graphic design
Status: Ongoing (30+ contracted projects)
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MDC Office of New Immigrants / Florida Immigrant Coalition

What: Multilingual bus ad campaign promoting citizenship resources
Services: Graphic design
Status: 2018 (completed)
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10 Days of Connection

What: An annual campaign that challenges Miami-Dade County to be bold, be kind, and connect across lines of difference.
Services: Social media content & strategy; event coverage; graphic design
Status: 2017-present

2018 campaign samples:

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2019 campaign samples:

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Give Miami Day

What: Annual day of community-driven philanthropy helping Miami’s nonprofits grow and thrive.
Services: Social media content & strategy; graphic design
Status: Ongoing (various clients)
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Neighbors 4 Neighbors

What: A nonprofit connecting those in need with those who can help, such as through an annual Adopt-A-Family program.
Services: Social media content & strategy; graphic design
Status: 2017-2019
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What: Past and ongoing client or contracted design projects.
Services: Various
Status: Ongoing
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