On Thursday, February 25th, experts and industry leaders in the fields of Community Outreach, Housing, Climate, Social Justice and more, took to the virtual conference room for the CRASF SUMMIT21!

#aoinsight was contracted as virtual event planners to help ensure a smooth and experiential virtual conference for attendees. From graphics highlighting guest speakers and day’s agenda, to managing rooms and helping guests transition, our team played the rolls of back stage managers, chat monitors, zoom controller, and live DJ. 

Additionally, we worked on marketing efforts which included creating digital media and calendar listing uploads, as well as graphics for zoom, digital media, and the event program. During the conference we helped pick raffle winners, and prior to the conference, we coordinated Uber vouchers for all attendees and guests, and held a dress rehearsal. 

The AO Insight Group did an outstanding job in facilitating our signature event. This was our first time conducting our daylong event virtually. AO Insight ensured everything went perfectly. They were patient with nerves and walked our organization through every step. From securing each speaker and panelists’ bio to ensuring that breakout sessions transitioned smoothly to picking the great intermission music. Several of our guests complimented their music taste by the way. They are a phenomenal company that adds a true personal touch. They cared as much about our event as we did. Our organization received raves from Board members, guests, speakers and sponsors on the conduct of the event. We will be using them again for events.

If you are not using The AO Insight Group for your event, than your event won’t be perfect.

Cornell Crews Jr., Executive Director, Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida

Flip through the SUMMIT21’s event program below!
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