#aoinsight was contracted to design a tailored digital campaign for Level Up Impact Group including various online components that came together to support the launch of their new online platform, Virtual Volunteer FL. This portal allows volunteers to provide their talents to nonprofits organizations remotely, particularly those that are small, low-tech, and grassroots. 

As part of our digital strategy, we created and set up new social media accounts across various platforms in order to help establish Virtual Volunteer FL’s online presence. These pages were regularly populated with curated content showcasing the platform’s capabilities and featured graphics designed by our in-house team specifically for the initiative. 

In addition to this we produced the platform’s first-ever virtual Zoom workshop, as part of ‘10 Days of Connection’ 2021 – an annual initiative that invites local organizations to connect with others across lines of difference. During this year’s event, Virtual Volunteer FL made its formal debut and was presented to over 80 attendees from various local non-profit organizations. The video content from this presentation was then edited by our team and utilized as social media content, which ultimately served as an informative source for followers and an event recap for those who were unable to attend.

“I hired the AOinsight’s team to help create digital content for a grant-funded initiative called Virtual Volunteer FL. The whole staff was incredibly knowledgeable about digital strategy and created some excellent content for us to use to promote the initiative. They also did an amazing job producing a virtual zoom workshop that had over 80 attendees. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge of the field were excellent. I highly recommend them for any digital marketing or virtual event hosting you might need.”

Anna Dilernia, Owner, Level Up Impact Group