Imagine: a little girl named Emma is on vacation in the Caribbean when she comes across some magical sea grass… and discovers that she has the power to talk to fish! Together with her new sea-critter friends, Emma embarks on a series of daring adventures, from uncovering buried treasure to solving exciting mysteries!

Seaper Powers is a whimsical series of illustrated adventure books for children ages 5-9. Written by award-winning, Miami-based musician and author Kim CameronSeaper Powers books take young readers on a magical journey of imagination and ocean adventure, along the way communicating positive messages about self-confidence, friendship, and environmental conservation.

Author Cameron’s latest literary endeavor? A Seaper Powers classroom set specially designed for teachers and homeschools. Cameron collaborated with local educators to develop a K-3 Lesson Plan Guide to accompany the books with suggested curriculum and projects inspired by the Florida Next Generation Standards.

theAOinsight Group was tasked with promoting the classroom pack to generate buzz in educational circles and boost overall sales. We developed “canned” social content with eye-catching visuals and industry-targeted hashtags to cycle the messaging across platforms. In addition, we manually curated an email list of educators, schools, summer camps, homeschool bloggers, bookstores, and marine science education organizations to generate targeted email campaigns and drive clicks toward the Seaper Powers Etsy shop, Amazon page, and website.

As a result, Seaper Powers books, toys, soundtracks, and classroom packs are selling like never before, allowing families and teachers to share the magic of reading with their kids through the amazing adventures of Emma!

(Photo by Adriana Oliva / theAOinsight)

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