When’s the last time you shared your story with a total stranger?

For ten days in May of 2018, residents of Miami-Dade and Broward counties challenged themselves to step out of their comfort zone, start tough conversations, and build new relationships across lines of difference. It was all part of the 10 Days of Connection, a community-driven campaign led by Radical Partners. And theAOinsight Group was right at the center of it all.

Following a successful 2017 campaign, theAOinsight Group was thrilled to come on board once again to develop a social media strategy that would engage participants in inspiring dialogue while highlighting the 150+ community partners who organized events throughout the 10 Days. We wanted to streamline last year’s strategy, aiming to increase reach and engagement while reducing number of posts and graphics to truly spotlight the events and stories at the heart of the campaign.

How’d we do? Well, the results are in: with 33% fewer posts than the 2017 campaign, we achieved a 50% increase in followers and a nearly-90% increase in reach. You can read the full specs in our analytics report.

But we also went beyond social media, diving into the spirit of the campaign – What brings people together? How can diverse members of our community find common ground?

One answer we arrived at: music. We crowdsourced a #10DaysOfConnection playlist on Spotify, asking participants to submit their favorite songs with themes of connection, multiculturalism, and friendship.

While we lived and breathed social media for ten intense days, we also lent a personal touch – a true #AOinsight trademark. Our very own mastermind, Adriana Oliva, attended numerous events in person, from an informative session about the history of South Florida’s Haitian community, to a documentary screening about a journalist and athlete living with disability, to an epic jam session featuring local youth musicians. Because while social media is first and foremost a tool for connection, there’s nothing quite like encountering a new experience, learning a new perspective, or meeting a new friend.

That is, after all, what the #10DaysOfConnection were all about.


(Image courtesy of Radical Partners)